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About Initiate Equity

Jennifer Moore, CEO

As the CEO of a private education consulting organization, Jennifer Moore is an independent consultant who supports school teams and educational non-profits to analyze the distinguishable, yet often hidden ways issues of racism, privilege and power impact a school’s ability to serve all students equitably. With fourteen years of experience in education, Jennifer leads cross functional school teams to leverage high impact strategies to directly address racism and its many manifestations in order to support the diverse needs of all students regardless of their background.

Samples of specific strategies produced and implemented by Initiate Equity include:

  • Organizational review and needs assessment to understand current racialized outcomes and impacts.
  • Training and development to support culturally relevant pedagogical practices at both the teacher and instructional leader level.
  • Anti-racist training and development for school leaders and leadership teams to support diverse, equitable and inclusive work environments.
  • Implementation of intersectional affinity groups as sites of support for teachers of all background to deepen their understanding of history and the role racism and xenophobia plays in preventing all students from receiving a quality public school education.
  • Quality control measures to monitor the impact of school-wide racial equity proposals.

Prior to consulting, Jennifer

worked at Teach For America-New Jersey. One of her many contributions as the Managing Director of the Teacher Leadership Development team included leading a major overhaul of their teacher development program to prioritize culturally relevant pedagogy as a framework for new teacher development.

Jennifer started her journey in education in 2003 as a New York City public school teacher where she taught for five years in the South Bronx. Even as a classroom teacher, Jennifer brought her passion for social justice to her work. She involved her students in the non-profit organization, Border Crossers, to support their ability to discuss and address issues of race, privilege and power in order to produce social change.

Advisory Board
Learn more about the individual leaders from a variety of fields and sectors who advise our team and enable us to drive diversity, equity and inclusion work forward.