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Find out what some of our valued clients think of our work.

Initiate Equity is committed to delivering high-quality services to all of our clients. We believe that equity work is community work. As a result Initiate Equity supports organizations to engage in critical self-reflection and radical candor with their employees. This requires consistent communication and mutual feedback in order to improve the quality of our workshops and programming. The level of partnership we seek to enables us to create real, authentic and powerful spaces that support healing and transformational organizational cultures rooted in racial and social justice.


Can we HAVE MORE please? I want this to go on forever and more people to have the opportunity. I loved being able to unpack, plan and prioritize.

Uzma Chowdry4th Grade Teacher

I think people really opened up and shared beyond their comfort zone in our meetings and that is a testament to our org culture and the environment created by Vince and Jennifer. Thank you for all the work you indeed. I think this work is inherently messy and I’m so glad [we] still decided to move forward with it.

Veronica HarrisBroad Fellow

This is really important work and huge thanks for pushing our organization forward.

Lazlo de SimoneData Team Manager

The collaboration with the end goal of presenting recommendation. The task force filled my bucket and restored my faith in the work I am doing.

Modiegi Notoane-EugeneSchool Leader

Jennifer was able to effectively facilitate a warm environment. I would LOVE to continue working with Initiate Equity.

Shannon Williams-Paden5th Grade Teacher/Grade Level Chair

I loved meeting with the Task Force every month and I’m looking forward to seeing what next steps are taken toward the recommendations proposed!

Rebecca FletcherInstructional Leader

I would LOVE to continue working with Initiate Equity beyond KIPP NJ

Tory ClintonSocial Justice Teacher and Grade Level Chair

The school-level racial analysis was effective inasmuch as it located power and privilege in particular spaces (racial profile of "classic" leadership vs. disciplinary leadership; racial profile of "classic" Gen-ed teachers vs. co-teachers, learning specialists, para-professionals, etc.). This provided entry points to discuss how best to remedy some of the observed inequities across the capital structure of KIPP NJ.

Protim Adhikari10th/11th Grade Writing Teacher
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Supporting empathy and connection in order to address the costs of racism, privilege, and power.

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Learn more about the individual leaders from a variety of fields and sectors who advise our team and enable us to drive equity and inclusion work forward.